Slide Run 1

Animated Slide Run 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is from the Core Skills section on Sliding.

A run is where you ascend or descend quickly through the notes from a scale or melody line. They are called runs because they are played fast, and are quite linear in direction (up through the scale, or down through it).

Runs are good for practicing your way through scales, but another useful feature is that they can be used to run up or down between positions on the neck. For example, if you are playing down at fret 3 you can run through a scale up to fret 12. If the next chord or part of the solo is up at fret 12 - hey presto, you are now in the right position and you sounded cool while you got there!

Slides are a great way of quickly shifting from one position to another - and this is particularly useful when used in runs. Here we do exactly that. We do a run from fret 3 up to fret 12 using notes / slides with the A minor scale:

A minor scale: A B C D E F G A

The notes are played in this order:

E string: G slide to - A
A string: C, D - slide to - E
D string: G, A - slide to - B
G string: D, E - slide to - G, E

Notice that the 3rd finger is used for every slide, and that there is a basic pattern to the run: slide, note, slide, note, slide, note, slide, note, etc. When making your own runs, you can vary these patterns in ways to make things more interesting - but make sure you can get this basic Slide Run right first.

Don't worry about getting as fast as the normal speed audio (found under Tools in the Menu) if you are a beginner - that will come with regular practice and co-ordinating both hands economically for speed. Notice that alternate picking is used here (for economy of movement and speed). Just make sure you practice slow first, and only build up speed once you have the technique right!

The last note is played using vibrato (wavering the string from side-to-side with your index finger). If you are unsure about vibrato, you can find out about doing it in the Core Skills section on Vibrato. You can also just play a standard note instead if this is too tricky for you yet.

This kind of exercise is going to be a challenge at first. It involves good technique and speed. But don't let yourself get frustrated. Take your time, and just move on to other things if you do get frustrated. Just keep coming back to it when feeling more confident. Over time, you'll start getting faster at it!

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