Shiny Happy People (Lead)

Animated Shiny Happy People (Lead) tab by R.E.M. on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see the Lead guitar for Shiny Happy People by REM. It mostly uses the same chord progressions as the Rhythm guitar but also plays the catchy lead lines during the choruses:

Intro - The intro uses these chords. Notice that the lowest 2 strings are excluded here, you can use thumb muting on them if you like:

G major - E minor - B minor - C major - muted strike - G major - E minor - B minor - C major

Chorus Lick - This first appears after the intro and plays the catchy lead lick shown here. The whole thing is played just using 1 finger and the open strings!

Verse - Uses these chords:

F# minor - E sus4 - F# minor - E sus4 - A sus2 - E major (repeat)

Notice that the first time round there are a couple of passing chords thrown in, but after that this progression is the same as the rhythm guitar.

Pre-Chorus - This is used to bridge between verse and choruses from this point on in the song:

G major riff - E major - E7 - then just go into the next chorus lick sequence again.

Everything else in the song is just repeats of the above sections. Even the Interlude in the middle of the song is just a repeat of the intro chords again. The outro comes after this, and is just a constant repeat of the 3-chord chorus!

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