Rockstar (Acoustic & Electric)

Animated Rockstar (Acoustic & Electric) tab by Nickelback on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 3 guitars in this song, so here we'll look at the typical way to play it using just one. This means we'll be swapping between the acoustic and electric guitar parts. Footswitches are mighty handy for that.

In the song, the acoustic guitar continues throughout, the electric only comes in during the choruses...we'll look at the full acoustic parts later (and the lead) in separate ActionTabs. Those will come much quicker after you learn this ActionTab first.

The only real difference between the acoustic / electric guitar is that the electric guitar mostly uses powerchords and slightly different strumming during the choruses. The 3rd guitar (lead) is played during the choruses also.

The song follows a simple chord progression in the typical 'verse - bridge - chorus' format:

Intro / Verses: G maj - C maj - F maj - G maj (repeat)

Bridge: Bbsus2 - C maj

Choruses: G maj - Bb5 - C5 - Eb5 - F5 (repeat)

In the chorus for electric guitar, all the chords (apart from the first G major) are just powerchords, but be aware they will be played differently on the acoustic (you'll see in the next ActionTab).

Once you have these 3 segments down, the whole song will be easy as it is just more of the same!

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