Far Away

Animated Far Away tab by Nickelback on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song has a simple structure. The chord progressions during the choruses are easy, and the picked verse parts are fine once you get the hang of the finger changes.

Verse - The song starts with this repeating riff. It sounds more difficult than it is. The trick is to keep the 2nd and 3rd fingers in place, whilst changing the bass note each time. The picking pattern is very consistent. Every time the verse is played in the song, this same riff is used.

Pre-Chorus - The pre-chorus is similar to the verse, just picking between 2 chords: C# sus2 (twice) - E sus2 (once), and then finishing on the E major chord (single strum) before hitting the chorus.

Chorus - This is a really easy 4 chord progression. Just keep cycling through:

B major - F# major - G# minor - E major (repeat)

These the sections will get you right until the Outro of the song, just keep repeating each section. However, there is a key change at the outro. It's simple stuff really, just shift the chorus chords up by 2 frets each to play:

C# major - G# major - A# minor - F# major (repeat)

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