Murder Incorportated 1 (Electric)

Animated Murder Incorportated 1 (Electric) tab by Bruce Springsteen on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see the first half of the song, as played by the electric guitar. There are 2 guitars in the song, acoustic and electric. You can hear both in this ActionTab (they don't play exactly the same thing). The acoustic is easier and can be seen here. This electric part isn't wildly difficult, and includes the main solo.

The song revolves around the same 4 chords that the acoustic plays. However, different variations of these 4 chords are used:

E5 - This full E5 chord uses a powerchord shape at fret 7.

D6 add9 - Sounds worse than it is. Just move the powerchord shape down by 2 frets and mute / omit the Low E string.

G sus2 - Mute the A string with your 2nd finger as it bridges across to play the Low G note.

A5 - After the intro he plays a full A major chord, just like the acoustic guitar.

After the Intro the strumming picks up more, but the same 4 chord cycle remains throughout the entire first half of the song. For the pre-choruses just strum through very similar chords, at open position:

E minor - D sus2 - G sus2 - A major

Lastly, there is the solo. In the song the first solo is played on saxophone, then the guitar takes over. We've done both parts on guitar, because it sounds good!

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