Murder Incorportated 1 (Acoustic)

Animated Murder Incorportated 1 (Acoustic) tab by Bruce Springsteen on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see the first half of the song, as played by the main rhythm acoustic guitar. There are 2 guitars in the song, acoustic and electric. You can hear both in this ActionTab (they don't play exactly the same thing). This acoustic part is the easiest of the 2 guitars. If you are interested in the electric guitar part instead - click here.

The song revolves around just 4 chords. The song begins by strumming through these 4 chords just one time each. The chords are:

E5 - You can remove the little finger and just play the normal E minor chord instead if you prefer. The little finger here transforms the chord from E minor to a very full E5 chord.

D5 - A standard D powerchord in open position.

G major - The full chord. You can use your little finger instead of 3rd finger on the high G note if you find it easier.

A major - Just a typical A major chord.

After the Intro the strumming picks up more, but the same 4 chord cycle remains throughout the entire first half of the song!

At certain points (the pre-choruses) the same chords are strummed a little more energetically:

E5 - D5 - G major - A major

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