Animated Mother tab by Danzig on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main rhythm guitar for the song 'Mother' by Danzig. It's straightforward stuff, following a standard hard rock / blues chord progression. Here's the breakdown:

Intro - Just keep repeating these 3 powerchords:

B5 - G5 - A5 (repeat)

Verse - This follows the same 3 chord progression, but notice that this time some notes are quickly played between chords. Just keep repeating until the chorus.

Chorus - This is yet another variation on the same 3 chords. Just keep repeating this chord sequence until the end of the chorus. Finish it with palm muting this F#5 chord, then just go back to playing the verse riff again.

At the end of the second chorus, he plays the B note instead of the F#5 powerchord. This sets up the solo which follows shortly afterwards. This guitar just plays backing chords during that first solo. The good news is that the backing chords here are the exact same as the intro!

The only other song part that's different to the rest is the Outro. Another solo is played over this, but the rhythm guitar part is really easy. Here's the progression:

B5 - G5 - A5 - B5 - D5 - Db5 (repeat)

Last time round, just hit the final 3 chords more, and take a bow.

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