Her Black Wings

Animated Her Black Wings tab by Danzig on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Her Black Wings is a good riff-based hard rock tune from Danzig. There's a strong blues influence during this era of Danzig's music, making a lot of the music quite simple to learn but really catchy too. This is recommended practice for beginners. The riffs sound great and can help you get used to doing some solid rock basics.

Intro - This riff is cool and simple. Just keep repeating the same 4 notes over and over! You can use alternate strokes if you find it easier, but most will find that downstrokes are easier, especially considering everything is palm muted. End the intro with these B5 - A5 powerchords.

Verse - Play the 4 notes of the intro riff twice, then this part *. Do 2 more rounds of the intro riff again, and end with the B5 - A5 (repeat)

* in a few later verses he plays a little vibrato --> pull off rather than slide on the last note. You can still use the slide if you prefer, it makes little difference.

Pre-Chorus - Just some straight-talking powerchord riffing here. The only really tricky thing is right at the end of the pre-chorus where he hits the natural harmonics over the 4th fretwire and waggles the whammy bar to make the sound waver up and down.

Chorus - This is a nice little riff that backs up the vocal line sung by Glenn Danzig. There's also a longer chorus later in the song which you can see here. It's just more repetitions of the same short riff. There is another lead guitar that plays a harmony over this chorus riff. It isn't included here to avoid confusion. Learn this main chorus riff first and we'll show that harmony in a separate ActionTab.

Everything else in the song is just more of the same riffs. Learn these few sections and you'll be able to rock your way through the whole song!

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