Master of Puppets (Main Solo)

Animated Master of Puppets (Main Solo) tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The main solo is very fast so we've slowed it down a lot. Even for seasoned guitarists it is a hard solo, not because it's terribly complicated but mainly because of the blinding speed.

If you are die hard and really want to learn the solo, then make sure you break it down into little chunks. Practice each chunk slowly and work on getting them tight, slowed down. Then build the speed. Once you get it fast, move to the next chunk and repeat the process. Kirk uses lots of little repeating licks so it's quite easy to break the whole solo down into small chunks. But to get the speed you'll have to be patient and practice like fury.

It begins with the pick slide and then launches into the E natural minor scale. Like mentioned above, he uses a lot of little repeating licks, which sound good and makes dividing the solo into chunks easier.

At one point in the solo Kirk uses Pinch harmonics and bends the string downwards so that it actually comes off the fretboard. Rather than snap your strings, you can just bend upwards here and use a standard pinch harmonic. Use the whammy bar (if you have one) to get a nice high squeal.

As the backing music changes to F#, Kirk shifts up to play F# natural minor scale licks.

On the last note of the solo bend and waver the whammy bar hard.

There is a gap after the solo until here. This is where Kirk plays a little harmony along with James towards the end of the song. We're just including it here to be thorough - it's here if you want it!

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