Fade to Black (Picked)

Animated Fade to Black (Picked) tab by Metallica on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song involves switching between clean and distorted guitar sounds, so prepare your footswitch / pedals! It is a great song, and (excluding solos) is not too hard for the most part. Stick to the golden rule - get it right slow, then build up speed.

In this ActionTab we show you how to play the song from start to finish on 1 guitar. In other words - this is the main rhythm guitar part. You can hear all the solos and harmonies played together in the normal speed audio - and we'll be taking a look at those fancy parts in upcoming ActionTabs. However, in the ActionTab itself, you will only see / hear the main rhythm guitar playing.

There are 2 ways to play this song:

1) It can be played using mainly a pick (plectrum) throughout - or -
2) By alternating between fingerpicking for the clean parts, and switching to a pick for the heavy parts.

In this ActionTab we show you the most common way (using mainly a pick). However, there is also a Fingerpicked Version (click here).

There are pros and cons to either method. On the whole, picking is considered easier, but there are places where the pick and 3rd finger are used to play strings simultaneously. Like here. This technique can be tricky at first, but don't let that put you off. Like all things, it will come with practice.

If you are a confident fingerpicker, then the other way is probably better. Those 'tricky' bits are much easier when fingerpicking.

Use the following quick links to jump to the start of each major song section:

Intro (Clean guitar sound)
Refrain* (Hit the distortion)
Verse (Back to clean guitar sound)
Refrain* (Hit the distortion. Keep until end)
Verse 2
Outro (The main solo is played over this part)

* Notice that with these 2 refrains there is an overlap between clean and distorted guitar. The first time, we show you the distorted guitar part. The second time we show the ending of the clean guitar. Both guitars do the same each time so pick and choose whichever you want to play!

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