Lightning Crashes (Fill)

Animated Lightning Crashes (Fill) tab by Live on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the fill guitar, which supports the main guitar during the song. If you've already worked through that ActionTab then you'll find this straightforward. The nicest part here is the main interlude - see below...

Part 1 - Just play each chord once during the chorus, and hold it. There is some tremolo effect here through an FX unit, but you can also emulate this effect. Use your whammy bar by wavering it lightly up and down through each chord.

Chorus - You should already know this from the main ActionTab. It's played exactly the same here.

Interlude - This guitar begins to diverge as the interlude approaches, then plays through some nice chords as the main passage for the interlude. The chords are Ab minor and Eb m7. Ends with E major *.

* Notice that this E major is played using different finger placements to normal. That's so you can quickly shift through the barre chord shapes that follow. The usual way of playing E major won't allow you to do that easily. This way does, because your fingers are already in place so all you need to do is bring your 1st finger down as you shift up the fretboard.

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