Lightning Crashes

Animated Lightning Crashes tab by Live on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This track is from the band's album 'Throwing Copper' from the early 90's. It's a good album with some great tracks on it. It's worth checking out...especially I alone, Selling the drama and this track...

Lightning Crashes has actually got a few guitar layers in it, so we've condensed it to play on 1 main guitar. We do use a 2nd guitar to fill out the backing music - but you shouldn't need it. All the main riffs and parts are in this ActionTab. Of course, we'll still be thorough and show the 2nd guitar in a separate ActionTab in case you want to see the fills too.

Before looking at the song riffs, a few points... The mellow parts of the song are played on electric guitar with a clean tone, bridge pickup (bassier sound), flanger and some reverb. We've trimmed back the effects to avoid confusion, but still keep the right feel. You don't need effects to play the song, but as the song progresses, you do need to switch to overdrive / distortion on your amp to get that heavier feel.

This may be a long song, but it is surprisingly simple. It shouldn't take too long to work through!

Verse - This little chord progression is the main part of the song. Just keep cycling through these 3 Chords: E major - Bsus2 - F# major.

Chorus - Just like the verse. A short, repetitive chord sequence of Eadd9 - Bsus2 - F# major

That clean electric guitar keeps playing between those 2 chord progressions throughout the song. Meanwhile another distorted guitar comes in to play the exact same thing. Nothing new there, so we skip that until there is a divergence. That happens at the next verse...

Distortion 1 - Just follow the same backing chords for the verse, but without much strumming and the odd arpeggio thrown in. An arpeggio just means playing through each chord note individually rather than strumming.

Distortion 2 - This is just the chorus chord sequence again, but with distorted guitar.

Interlude - Stay distorted for this little interlude. As the title suggests, the interlude is a musical break from the main verse / chorus routine.

From here on out just play on through the same chorus progression outlined earlier until the end of the song!

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