Freebird (Rhythm) Part 2

Animated Freebird (Rhythm) Part 2 tab by Lynyrd Skynyrd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we see the rhythm guitar for Part 2 of Freebird. The backing chords change for this section of the song, meanwhile the lead guitar changes from slide to fast licks.

We're overlapping from Part 1, which ends on a D major. The good news is that after that, this whole section of the song is just 3 chords:

G major - Bb5 - C major

Notice that there is a passing G note after the Bb5 chord and another passing Low E note after the C major. After that, just keep repeating the chord sequence. If you are a new beginner, don't worry about including these notes - you don't have to play them to make it sound right.

The chord progression remains the same throughout this part of the song, but sometimes these chords are played a little differently. For example, here notice the strumming changes to follow the drums.

Towards the end of the section part of the C major chord is replaced by a simple ascending lick of 4 notes. This repeats a handful of times.

Also, at the end of Part 2, play the chords slightly differently to include descending chord slides:

G major - Bb major - C major

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