Freebird (Rhythm) Part 1

Animated Freebird (Rhythm) Part 1 tab by Lynyrd Skynyrd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This epic favourite from Lynyrd Skynryrd is a long song, so we're dividing it into 3 main parts. There are a number of guitars in the song, but it can be played on just 2 - rhythm and lead. The rhythm guitar parts are easy enough, it's mainly straightforward chord strumming. However most of the lead guitar parts throughout the song are very difficult. You have been warned.

In this ActionTab we show you just the rhythm guitar for part 1 of the song:

Intro - Just do one slow strum on each of the following chords:

G major - F# note - E minor - E minor - F major - C major - D major

Play that all again, except on the last D chord start strumming and adding / removing notes along the high E string. This leads us into the main chord progression for this section of the song...

Main Chord Progression - This is mostly the same chord sequence as the intro, strummed this time:

G major - D major - E minor - F major - C major - D sus4 / major (add / remove little finger)

Just keep repeating this progression over and over. Next up, hit the distortion for the rocky part:

Rocky Part - Apply distortion and play these 3 chords:

F major - C major - D major (repeat)

Those 3 sections are all you need to play through part one of the song. However, you may have noticed there is another guitar playing along. In the song there is a second rhythm guitar picking through the chords. You don't need to know it, but in case you're interested we're including it through the second half of this ActionTab:

Main Chords (Picked) - Play this over (or instead of) the main chord progression:

G major - F# / D major - E minor (add G note once) - F5 - ending lick (repeat)

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