Don't Cry (Pt2) Slash

Animated Don't Cry (Pt2) Slash tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the middle section of the song and here we show Slash's Lead guitar part. It's in Eb Tuning:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

At the start Slash plays the same powerchord sequence as Izzy. However, he breaks into a lovely lead solo soon afterwards.

The solo is quite simple (for a Slash solo). It starts with playing 2 A notes together. Use your 2nd finger to pick the B string. This is quite tricky. You can just play the high A note by itself if you find it easier (it doesn't make a massive difference).

After that it is mainly the A natural minor scale he uses. It's full of Slash's typical bluesy bends and strong vibrato. He loves to use different degrees of bends. A good example of that is here.

He starts with a full bend (bend up by 2 notes from C to D), then bends the C again but only by a quarter. Use your ear to guide you when doing the bends to make sure you get the right amount.

He also uses octave chord slides here. This is where you play the octave chord (similar to a powerchord), but mute the middle string. Then slide up to the next position. When playing these you need to concentrate on eliminating as much sound as possible from that middle string, even when sliding. Make sure you fret the other 2 notes firmly and although the middle string will make a little noise, it should be drowned out by them.

This is a great solo for learning solid rock style lead techniques. Break it down into small chunks and work on it bit by bit. It's not an exceptionally fast solo, but you will need finger strength for the bends.

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