Paradise City (End) Slash

Animated Paradise City (End) Slash tab by Guns N' Roses on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The last part of the song hits double time. While Izzy batters out powerchords, Slash is typically doing his lead solos (which we see here).

Remember, it's still Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb Tuning.

Parts of this lead are very difficult. Take from it what you like, and work at the hard parts at your own leisure. Don't stress if some of it is too hard - Slash is a particularly accomplished guitarist! It could take a long time to get some of his stuff smoking off your own frets!

Slash mainly uses the G pentatonic minor and blues scales in the lead. A couple of licks definitely worth practicing are:

repeating lick - We've covered this lick in the Core Skills section. It's very common and well worth practicing. Get it right slowly and build up speed. It's important to get your little finger fast and strong with those pull offs.

blues / rock style licks - Again, this is a very common type of guitar trickery. Used well, it can really rock! Especially breaking into those string bends here.

These kinds of licks are common in many blues and rock songs, so spend some time learning them. When you come to play your own solos, use them. You'll find it easier to come up with something that sounds cool when applying these core licks! You can add your own twists to them and really make them your own.

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