Claudia's Theme (Unforgiven) Rhythm

Animated Claudia's Theme (Unforgiven) Rhythm tab by Clint Eastwood on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the backing guitar for Claudia's theme. If you are a beginner, we recommend learning the lead melody first, as it is much easier. Whereas, this backing guitar is more complex, and requires some basic fingerpicking skill and the ability to make chord changes. We recommend that you work through the Core Skills exercises on fingerpicking first.

This backing guitar is played in a traditional 'classical' style. It is based around the key of E major. It involves some nice chord progressions, and some fingerpicking patterns. Although the tune may seem quite long, it really isn't too bad because most of it is just repetition of the same chord progression (the same chord progression encountered from the beginning of the song).

The fingerpicking pattern is not rigid through this tune, it follows a basic T1233212 pattern. But, sometimes it varies. You don't have to stick to the exact fingerpicking patterns shown here. With a piece like you can be flexible. Fingerpick the chords with any pattern you like, but if you do... Focus on getting the chord changes in the correct places, and start each chord with the right bass note (thumb pick). Beyond that, you can use any pattern you choose.

Here are the chords:

F#m7 - A add9 - E major (repeat once again)

Then: E major (with G# in the bass)- A major - E major

Repeat the whole thing again, and at the end play the last E major / sus4 like this (press play to watch). Do the downwards strum quite slowly using thumb or first finger.

The rest of the song is all just more of the same basic progression with one exception, beginning with this nice little high part:

E major - B major - C# minor / C# sus2 - A major - A add9 - A major - E major

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