Claudia's Theme (Unforgiven) Lead

Animated Claudia's Theme (Unforgiven) Lead tab by Clint Eastwood on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Claudia's Theme is a lovely little tune for beginners. It uses acoustic / classical guitar, and we're showing the main (lead) melody first as it is the easiest part of the song. It was composed by Clint Eastwood, who is also a musician. It was used in the 'Unforgiven' movie soundtrack.

The whole melody only uses the highest 3 strings. In fact, most of it is based around the first few notes you see right at the start. The scale that the melody is based on is the E major scale.

Although the tune uses fingerpicking, and is good practice for it...don't feel you have to fingerpick. You can easily use a pick instead.

Notice that for the longer, trailing notes we apply some vibrato. To learn more about this technique, go here. The vibrato is just for effect, you don't have to use it but it does add a little depth to the melody. There are no rules here, you can apply vibrato to many more of the notes in the tune if you like, or none at all.

The tune is quite repetitive, so not so much to learn. Once you know the first few licks, you'll already know a lot of the song.

Focus on getting good clean notes. Although this is a good beginner's tune, you should still focus on getting everything right. Work on your technique and make sure you get the notes landing at the right times. There is a lot of room in this song for personal expression. Once you know it, you can start changing it - by adding notes, using other techniques (slides / bends etc) and making it your own!

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