Classic Rock n Roll 1 Solo A

Animated Classic Rock n Roll 1 Solo A tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This Solo is from the Jamzone and is performed over the Classic Rock n Roll 1 Backing Track.

For this solo we stay in the traditional style of classic Rock n' Roll. That means lots of double slides and stops (muting), double bends...and the good old pentatonic minor scale.

In this solo we mostly stay in one position (first finger at the 7th fret), except for the slides and the very last part of the tune. The scale we are using is the B pentatonic minor scale:

B - D - E - F# - A - B (octave)

To learn this scale in the right position for this solo, we recommend you use the E and B Pentatonic Minor Scale ActionTab.

Although the pentatonic minor scale only has 5 notes, these notes have strong harmonic relationships with each other. That means that melodies made from these 5 notes will be more naturally tuneful. Some people describe the pentatonic notes in terms of language, seeing the pentatonic notes as the vowels and other notes as consonants. What they're getting at is the fact that these 5 notes are the strongest from the root scale (the B pentatonic minor scale is the B natural minor scale, excluding the 2nd and 6th notes), and in most music these will be the framework for any melody over basic chords.

In this solo you can probably see how just 5 notes can offer a lot of potential for your solos. It's about how we use those 5 notes (technique), and when we play them (rhythm), not just melody. However, big words aside, the best way to start rocking out is to just get stuck in and learn how to do the things you like the sound of. Loop the normal speed audio and listen to it until you get the solo in your head. Pick the phrases and parts you like most, and see how to do them in the slower ActionTab.

This ActionTab shows you some of the most common Rock n' Roll solo techniques. Once you can do them, apply them in your own melodies and try them out over other Backing Tracks. That way you will own them yourself. They will become part of your essential bag of tricks. These solo techniques can be found across many different styles - particularly blues, rock and metal. They will take time and practice to get fast, but once you can do them you will be able to work out and perform the solos from various other songs, as well as just concentrate on making your own riffs and solos better!

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