Basket Case

Animated Basket Case tab by Green Day on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Firstly, this song is in Eb Tuning - so you'll need to tune your guitar strings down by 1 semitone. Just use the ActionTab Tuner and set the tuning to:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

The chords for the song are very straightforward. For the most part, it's powerchords. However, the strumming is fast and furious. The intro is all downstrokes, played fast! Keep your strumming hand very tight to the strings, so your pick is never too far away from the Low E / A strings. Then you'll be more able to get the economy of movement you'll need....

Intro Part 1:

Eb5 - Bb5 - C5 - G5 - Ab5 - Eb5 - Bb5 (repeat)

Although all pickstrokes are downstrokes - most are palm muted with occasional open stabs. Listen to the intro a few times until you get a feel for where the open stabs should be. Then when you practice, palm mute everything, and bring in the open stabs when you get that 'open chord stab' feeling. If you are familiar with the tune, then you will unconsciously know when the open stabs should happen. Keep practicing this beginning chord sequence and with time you'll get them in the right places!

Just be aware that the occasional open string is struck whilst the fretboard hand is en route to the next powerchord.

Intro Part 2:

Eb5 (just once) - Ab5 - Bb5 - Eb5

Repeat that 3 times, but on the third time end the chord sequence this way:

Eb5 - Db5 - C5 - Ab5 - Bb5

Notice that now there is no palm muting! It's straightforward strumming from here on, albeit tight and fast. Mostly alternating down / up strokes.

After this short part we're ready to break into the main verse after this little sequence...

Eb5 - Bb5 - C5 - Bb Major (repeat)

Now the chords of Intro Part 1 (see text above) are repeated - but with no palm muting. Use straightforward down / up strokes. But remember the strumming is still fast!

From this point on, there are no nasty should be set to fire through it all just using the same / similar chord sequences already encountered!

Have fun!

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