21 Guns

Animated 21 Guns tab by Green Day on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is easily broken down into a few segments:

Intro - This little sequence is used at the start of the song and during the interlude.

Verse - Use and acoustic guitar or clean electric sound. Cycle through this chord progression:

D Minor - Bb Major - F Major - C Major (repeat)

Notice that the open strings are strummed between chord changes. This is because it's easier to strum the open strings while moving your fingers to the next chord change.

The middle of the verse changes to:

B Major - C Major

Then repeat the first 4 chords again, ending on a slow strum of: B Major

Chorus - Switch to a heavy / distorted guitar sound, but keep the volume knob down to 3 or so. Play the C5 powerchord and raise the volume to max, strike and mute. Then get stuck into the following powerchord sequence:

F5 - C5 - D5 - C5 - Bb5 - F5 - C5 (repeat)

Last time round, just repeat the last 3 chords. And then do the whole verse / chorus again until the bridge...

Bridge - Similar to the chorus. Play more powerchords while the lead plays a little melody. This song section leads into the solo.

D5 - Bb5 - F5 - C5

Then repeat this sequence twice: D5 - Bb5 - F5 - A5

End on Bb5 - C5 Then just repeat the chorus powerchords again as the solo plays.

That's all you need for the whole song!

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