Animated Toxicity tab by System of a Down on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song can be condensed to show you all the parts in one go. The song is in Drop C tuning. If you are in standard tuning this means lowering all your strings by 2 notes, except the lowest string E, lower that by 4 notes to C:

Low C:G:C:F:A:D

Be careful when tuning low, it is likely to affect your neck tension. You may need to adjust the tension springs in the back of your guitar to hold the tuning properly. You are likely to get away with it for a while without doing that, as long as you re-tune to standard afterwards. But if you keep the guitar in a low tuning you should consider setting it up properly to work in that tuning.

The song can be broken down by the main riffs:

Riff 1 - For the intro / verses this little 2 string wonder is picked using a clean guitar sound. The best way to play it is to keep the pick between the strings so you can upstroke the lower notes and downstroke the higher notes. That means you should start the riff on an upstroke. There is actually another clean guitar playing a lower harmony underneath this one, we'll show you that during Riff 4.

Riff 2 - This is one of the main song riffs and although it is quite simple, it demands good string control, timing and speed. Especially for this fast part.

Riff 3 - Riff 1 is played again, but towards the end of it this heavy guitar part comes in with some simple rhythmic powerchord chops. Just 2 powerchords are played, but you need to keep the rhythm hand tight. Straight afterwards change back into Riff 2.

Riff 4 - You can just stick with Riff 1 for the clean guitar parts, but it is worth also looking at the guitar harmony underneath it. This is played by a 2nd clean guitar, and follows exactly the same pattern of picking across 2 strings, just lower. The only exception is
here where 3 strings are used.

Riff 5 - This solo riff is where the tempo picks up and is just before the whole band hit top gear. Just go at it slowly and get it right, then build speed.

Riff 6 - This is the heaviest and fastest part of the song. The good news is that the riffs are simple, the main skill is in your picking hand. You need to keep the rhythm tight, palm muted and with speed. Just plod it out slowly until you get the rhythm right, then build up the speed.

Riff 7 - This little riff occurs at the end of Riff 6, and both riffs are also used at the end of the song. It is played fast, but is really simple stuff. Like the rest of the song, you need to get it right slowly then work up the tempo.

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