Teenage Dirtbag

Animated Teenage Dirtbag tab by Wheatus on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song switches between clean tone for the verses and distorted for the choruses. Overall the song is simply constructed and quite easy but don't be fooled by the verse parts, they can be very tricky at first. It's one of those weird riffs that seems to be easy on listening to it, but isn't. It's annoyingly tricky to get, but then after practicing for a while you get it ok and wonder why there was a problem getting it in the first place.

The verses are simple in the sense that they follow this simple format. Each bar is just:

2 bass notes - muted strum - play 2 open strings simultaneously

The only difference between bars are the 2 bass notes, and those are simple enough - just follow this pattern:

E - B - E - A - Remember - each bass note is played twice with your thumb. Notice we thumb mute out the low E string. This is not strictly necessary, but helps with stopping accidental noise. Repeat that riff 5 times, then play these bass notes:

G# - A - B - B - Do that twice then hit your distortion and launch into the chorus.

These verses should be fingerpicked, but with a quick muted strum inbetween notes. Use a brisk downward strike with your index finger nail across the strings as you mute. This requires control with both hands because immediately after that muted strike you must quickly fingerpick the 2 open high strings. That takes practice - especially because the change is quick, plus your fretboard hand needs to unmute the strings so that the 2 open notes keep ringing out whilst you return to the bass notes with your thumb. There's quite a lot of dexterity to pack into a short space of time.

You must practice this part slowly. We advise just doing the very first bar over and over until you get the control together and can build some speed. Then work at the next bars. They will then be much easier because only the bass note is changing. Keep at it long enough and you will find that your fingers learn how to play it just fine. You'll probably wonder what all the difficulty was at the start.

NB - If you have problems with fingerpicking the 2 open strings following the muted strike, you can do a quick upstrum instead with your index finger.

You'll be pleased to hear that the choruses are very easy - just powerchords:

E5 - A5 - B5 (played twice and mute inbetween chord changes). Followed by a fun, simple lick. Repeat, and the last time just extend the simple lick a bit, like this.

Later in the song the chorus is followed by this short section of chords and then the only other thing to learn is the interlude:

build up - Start with a clean guitar sound, and palm mute. Then switch to distortion, and then normal picking as you rocket into the powerchords.

That just leaves the Ending!

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