Sultans of Swing (Lead 2)

Animated Sultans of Swing (Lead 2) tab by Dire Straits on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the lead guitar for the second half of the song. We're taking it from just before the first main solo.

Most of Knopfler's lead style involves playing little fills and licks chosen from the backing chords. We discussed this in Lead 1. In the second half, the same thing applies - except he does two solos as well:

Solo 1 - Notice that he is still closely following the backing chords. You can even see many of the chord shapes he bases the solo licks on, like this D minor and this one too. As we said before, that's the core of his style.

Fills - Once he finishes the solo, it's back to doing the chord fills again for a while.

Solo 2 - Another solo which plays out to the end of the song. There's plenty of cool licks here, which you'll be wiser for practicing. Bookmark the stuff you like and rip into it. He mostly uses the D natural minor scale. If you learn your CAGED minor scales for D minor, it will help!

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