Speed Tech 31

Animated Speed Tech 31 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on developing Speed Techniques. As usual, check out the normal speed audio first.

Here we take the descending step pattern from this previous exercise and apply it to the G major scale. It sounds great and works beautifully over chord progressions in the key of G major / E minor. It's also excellent practice for descending runs, which tend to be more neglected than ascending runs by most guitarists.

The step pattern is as follows:

Triplet 1: Pick the 1st note (F#) then hammer / pull off the 2nd note (G). Upon release this will sound the 1st note (F#) again.

Triplet 2: Then pick the D - F# - D.

Unlike the previous 2 exercises, this uses more than 4 notes and requires you to use different frets / fingers. As long as you have practiced the previous 2 exercises, this one will come together quite quickly because you'll already be familiar with the flow of the step pattern. This exercise makes sure every fretboard finger gets a workout....and sounds good!

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