Slide A-B B-A

Animated Slide A-B B-A tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

In this exercise we play the A note, then slide it up to the B note (2 frets higher). Notice the direction of the slide is indicated in the dot as the slide takes place. Also the dot is red - indicating that the slide is performed with your first finger.

The B note is picked again and then slide back down to the A note (2 frets lower). Notice that this time the directional arrow also indicates the direction of the slide in the opposite direction. Simple eh?

If in doubt - just follow the arrow, and remember that you can hear the direction of the slide. Sliding notes up the string will always raise the pitch, slides downwards will always lower it. Learn to identify slides with your ear - they sound different to other techniques and applying them to your own tunes can really help add something extra.

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