Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Guitar 2)

Animated Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Guitar 2) tab by The Clash on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the 2nd guitar part for this song. After the very start (where there's some muted strikes, and a little twiddle) this guitar is exactly the same as Guitar 1 for the verses, but differs during the choruses. Also, use a more distorted setting on your amp.

We'll assume you know Guitar 1 already, and will just look at the chorus parts here in Guitar 2.

The Chorus uses higher octave chords of the progression you already know from guitar 1. The strumming is fast and furious, and the chord shapes a little tricky, but it'll come together with practice...

D maj - G maj - D maj - D maj (up an octave) repeat again but next time don't go up an octave, just stay on the D maj.

G maj - F maj - D maj

D maj - G maj - D maj


Just repeat those chords as necessary.

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