Roots Bloody Roots (Max)

Animated Roots Bloody Roots (Max) tab by Sepultura on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is probably Sepultura's best known song. Max Cavalera plays the main rhythm guitar which is what we'll look at here. The riffs are chunky and most of them are quite simple. However, you will need to know your Hammer On technique. Check out the Core Skills section on Hammer ons if you need to practice them.

The original song was recorded using B tuning. That means tuning down your guitar by 5 notes, which isn't going to do your guitar any favours if you are set up to play in standard tuning. So we've recorded it in standard tuning. That means all the note positions are the same, but it sounds higher.

If you are die hard about playing it in B tuning, then make sure you set up the guitar properly to handle it. Sometimes people will use a pedal effect instead, which can lower the standard tuning to sound like it is B tuning.

There are 2 guitars in the recording, and most of the time they play the same thing. However, here we will just point out the main Rhythm riffs:

Riff 1 - This is the main verse riff. It's probably the easiest riff in the whole song. It is very short and repetitive. You only need one finger to play it, but remember the hammer ons!

Riff 2 - Another short, repetitive riff. Although the powerchords here are quite basic, this is still quite tricky because you need to hammer on to the chords. If you find the fingerings shown here too difficult, you can also play it using these fingers instead. This will suit some people better due to finger length / comfort.

Riff 3 - This bridge is just a fast powerchord progression. Use alternate strokes when strumming and keep your hand / pick tight to the strings to get enough speed.

Riff 4 - This very simple Low E5 chugging occurs briefly while the lead guitar does it's thing.

Riff 5 - Another short repeating riff with powerchords. This is played while the lead guitar does the solo (which we've removed to avoid confusion, it's in a separate ActionTab). The tricky part in this rhythm riff is the pinch harmonic played at fret 7. After that, just repeat the riff.

Riff 6 - At the end of the solo play this F powerchord.

Riff 7 - Then comes this simple powerchord sequence. Again, very repetitive and one of the easier riffs to learn.

Riff 8 - There is a gap before this riff, during which the lead guitar plays a simple riff which you can hear. Then this rhythm guitar kicks in with the outro riff. It's yet another simple powerchord riff, again using mainly the F5 and E5 powerchords.

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