Need You Tonight

Animated Need You Tonight tab by INXS on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The guitar parts for this song are nice and easy. They are played quite fast, but you'll crack that with some practice. Just remember the golden rule - get it right slow first, then build up the speed.

Although there are various guitar overdubs chucked into the song, the main guitar swaps between 3 riffs only....

Riff 1: Stab / mute the C major chord 3 times. Simple as that!

Riff 2: Now descend through the double stops. Use alternate picking to get fast. Use your thumb to mute out the other 4 strings. If you aren't able to thumb mute that many strings comfortably, then just extend the tips of your fingers as they play the double stops - just enough to touch / mute the adjacent G string.

Repeat Riffs 1 and 2 until the verses where Riff 3 comes in....

Riff 3: Play a little repetitive lick on the G string - all just using 3 notes! Some of the notes are muted very quickly. Nothing too hard, just release pressure from your finger - enough to mute the string as you move between the 3 notes.

And that's the main guitar for the whole song! Use a bright, clean guitar tone, no distortion. Think funk / pop for your sound. The band use a delay pedal effect on Riff 2, on a light - moderate if you have a delay pedal too - you know when to use it!

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