Knight Rider

Animated Knight Rider tab by Stu Phillips on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The Knight Rider TV theme is a great little practice tool. We've recorded it on guitar for you to enjoy learning. It's fast, but when you practice it slowly you'll see that it's very simple stuff indeed. The speed will come with practice.

This is a great song for getting tight with palm muting and alternate picking. You need to control what you do quite carefully, but the good news is that the note positions are very easy, making it good for beginners and intermediates alike. We've recorded the tune an octave lower than the original so it sounds more beefy. You can go even lower if you wish and play down around the Low E string (2 frets up from the Low E).

There are only 4 riffs to learn:

Riff 1 - This is the main riff and what you should get right first before learning the other parts. After you've got this riff down, the rest of the song will be much easier to do. There are only 3 notes used in the riff, and all in succession along 1 string. This means you can focus on getting the techniques easily without having to do mad finger stretches / note runs etc.

The trick to this riff is Palm mute with a downstroke on the first note and then briefly mute that 1st note (instead of picking it again with an upstroke) and then start alternate picking (down / up / down / up etc) through the following notes until the riff repeats. Watch out for that little gap - it can throw the whole riff out of time if you don't do it.

Riff 2 - Exactly like Riff 1 except everything is played 2 frets lower.

The majority of the song is to play Riff 1 twice followed by riff 2 twice. Repeat.

Riff 3 - This little lick is played before the dramatic break in the music. It only appears once.

Riff 4 - Song ending. No palm muting is used here (but a little muting is). Just ascend through the notes and finish!

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