I Walk The Line (Lead)

Animated I Walk The Line (Lead) tab by Johnny Cash on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead for this song is one of the most well known in Country music. The melody notes follow the background chords, which we looked at in the Rhythm ActionTab (A major, D major, E major, B7, E7, A7, G major).

The lead is quite easy to learn, especially slowed down, but building up speed (to that of the normal speed audio) will take practice.

The lead guitar follows a very simple structure. True to country style, the melody very closely follows the bass guitar, with most notes played 'on the beat'. This is particularly true for the song verses. For example, listen to the melody here and you'll see how the notes follow a very structured pattern, usually just alternating between a low and high note. This regularity makes the melody quite predictable and comfortable for listeners. It also means it is quite easy to pick up quickly, memorise and play.

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