I Love Rock n Roll

Animated I Love Rock n Roll tab by Joan Jett on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This famous song is really good for practicing your basic timing. The beat is constant throughout the song and the main guitar riffs are nice and easy. You need to control the strings by muting them quickly to get those gaps in the rhythm. Go to the section on muting if you need to find out more about that.

Main Riff - Cycle through the E5 - A5 - B5 powerchords (repeat)

Use muting to get clean breaks in the music. Notice there is a little bend on the G note between chord changes.

Repeat that riff a few times then head up the neck this way:

B5 - A5 - E5

And prepare for the little lead lick. There are actually 2 lead licks played together here. This is the highest one. We show the other guitar lick here. Both are essentially playing the same notes, just one is playing an octave lower. In the recording you can hear both together.

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