Here I Go Again

Animated Here I Go Again tab by Whitesnake on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A true 80's Hair Metal anthem from Whitesnake. I remember the video involved some lass prancing around on a Jaguar XJ. Nice car.

Here's the breakdown:

Intro / Chorus Riffs - We cut out the keyboard intro and get straight to the guitar. The song starts on the main chorus riff which is quite straightforward and repetitive. Towards the end of each chorus the riff changes to something with a little more flair. You need to use some palm muting, double string bends, slides and vibrato. It sounds cool and with a bit of practice and you'll be proud of yourself for conquering it!

Verse - Switch to a clean guitar sound for this part. The chord changes here are slower and more gentle.

The chorus repeats again after that, ending again on this riff (which is played with various flashy touches). Then comes the Solo.

Although much of the solo is at a moderate pace it has a very fast run in it here. Switch to Tablature view there, or slow down the ActionTab to follow it.

Runs are great finger practice. If you like the sound of this one, keep practicing it. Once you crack one fast run, the rest become much easier to do. It's all about economy of movement, and co-ordinating your pick strokes in time with your fretboard fingers as they move from note to note. Start slowly and get it right, then build your speed gradually. With enough practice you'll shred like the best of them!

Incidentally, watch out for pinch harmonics (the high-pitched squeals). They are used occasionally in the song! Remember a grey picking dot is used to show them, but you can usually hear them. Check out the Core Skills section on how to do them if you aren't sure.

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