Haunted House

Animated Haunted House tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This tune is from the Core Skills section on Vibrato.

Vibrato isn't just for looking good. It can be used to scare people }:)

Now for Vibrato used in a spooky way. This ActionTab tune involves the spooky sound of Vibrato at the very last note.

The Normal Speed Version is actually a Jazz style sequence, played in an unusual way. It uses some delay, and echo pedal effects on the midtones. This means the mid range notes echo, but lower ones don't so much.

The ActionTab Version doesn't employ the delay / echo effects on the midtones, so you won't be distracted by echoing notes. This is the sort of tune you'd expect to hear behind the dialogue of a TV mystery show. Have fun!

Musical Breakdown -

For those interested in the musical composition of this tune, read on...

This piece is based around the C minor chord shapes around the 5th and 8th fret positions (F minor and G# minor respectively). These chords are played note-by-note with a little hammering on for effect. Although the same fingering pattern is used for both chord shapes, make sure to follow the same timing or it just won't be spooky.

In between these two similar shapes (which are fingerpicked note-by-note remember), there is a jazz-based descending note sequence. The notes are: D slide to Db, A and G.

Here's the hard part - as soon as you have played this short jazz sequence - leap your hand up to play the G# minor scale notes (starting at fret 11 along the A string with your little finger). Practice getting this position change faster - it should sound seamless, and will take you some time to get right.

Here's the secret to the spooky sound of the piece (although the echo effects on the normal speed version are a must!). It uses a flattened 5th note. This is a common way to get such effects, and here we emphasise it by using extensive vibrato on the very last note. This is the flattened 5th note of the G# minor scale - the D note. The 5th note of the G# scale is normally D# - flattening it means simply lowering it by one fret (semitone).

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