Animated Gimme Shelter tab by The Rolling Stones on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main rhythm guitar for the song. It involves playing in a slightly different tuning:

Low E - B - E - G# - B - E

Here are the song parts:

Intro - This is the hardest part to play. It's really just a few chord positions, and switching between a few different fingerings in those positions.

Fill - This is one of the easiest parts to play. Just strum between the two chords as shown. This little fill is often used before changing to a verse / chorus etc.

Verse - Strum some partial chords for the verses. Some chord changes can be a bit awkward, but as always - practice will win you through.

Chorus - More chord strumming, but all nice and easy chord changes thanks to the alternate tuning!

Bridge - A fairly short little section, similar to and preceding the next verse.

That's all the main song parts! Just learn those and you'll find the rest is pretty much all the same. There is only a little variation in terms of strumming patterns and some notes in the later song parts. Don't forget to use the bookmark feature to help you learn other specific parts of the song that you like.

Outro - The last distinct song part is the outro, again just some simple strumming and chord changes - play to fade!

Next we'll look at the classic lead guitar part which is arguably easier than this rhythm guitar part!

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