From the Cradle to Enslave (Rhythm)

Animated From the Cradle to Enslave (Rhythm) tab by Cradle of Filth on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Suitable for hallowe'en. This song is played in Drop D tuning. That means just tune the Low E string 2 notes lower to D.

Drop D: Low D:A:D:G:B:E

If you are currently in standard tuning, just play the middle D string and downtune the Low E until it matches.

90% of this song is VERY easy to play - for both rhythm and lead. The same can not be said for the poor drummer - It's like running a marathon in 7 minutes with all that double kick stuff.

There are 2 guitars in this song. For the majority of the song, both guitars do the same thing. This (rhythm) guitar does the backing chords and the lead occasionally switches to play some simple melodies over the top. We'll look at those lead parts in a separate ActionTab, although you can hear both playing together here.

90% is indeed very easy - just play those Drop D powerchords with 1 finger and you're rocking. Even at this blistering tempo, the chord changes aren't too fast. If you love this style of metal then this is a great introduction to playing it.

10% is fast. There is one little part where you need to alternate pick fast and do some tight chord changes. We'll come to that shortly.

Song Parts:

Part 1 - Do a pickslide (drag the edge of your pick along the strings) then thump out those meaty powerchords whilst the lead plays the melody. Just play the first 8 powerchords and repeat again.

Part 2 - Again, it's 8 simple chords repeated, although some of these chords are strummed 2 or 3 times each.

Part 3 - The hard bit. It's the speed that makes this part difficult. The riffs are not actually too hard to do - especially if you have some grounding in metal rhythm guitar already. The key to playing this part is to really slow it down and get it right / consistent first. Then start building speed. Keep at it and you'll get it. It's a killer riff, and you'll need to use fast alternate picking (regular down / up strokes) to play it at full speed. It's really just 2 similar riffs repeated a few times (riff 1 and riff 2).

Part 4 - Same as Part 2.

Part 5 - Same as Part 1. Followed by a gap (for guitars / drums).

Part 6 - Easy chords, storm in with another pickslide. It's very repetitive, just like the earlier parts.

Part 7 - Key change. This is exactly the same as Part 6, just raise every chord by 1 fret!

Part 8 - Same as Part 1. Repeat to the end of song, whilst the lead plays the melody.

Although the song may be long, that's just because of the repetition. Really, there aren't too many things to learn before you can play the whole song through top to tail. That includes the lead guitar which we'll look at next.

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