Classical Piece

Animated Classical Piece tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone.

Here we apply a T1234321 fingerpicking pattern to some unusual chords. There is some variation in picking, but nothing too wild. The real work is in the chord changes. The chord shapes are mainly adaptations of common chords, so you are likely to see some similarities. However, the finger stretches for some of these chords will take practice and good finger strength.

Make sure to listen to the normal speed audio to get an idea of how it should sound with smooth chord changes, but practice slowly and build up your own speed gently. Be kind to your wrist...

Wrist Stretching

If you get a sore wrist, stop and leave it until your wrist is good again. Craning your hand around the fretboard can cause you to stretch the muscles and tendons in the back of your wrist. To help prepare for this, you can do some simple stretching. Stick both hands out in front of you, with fingers extended (a bit like superman flying). Then raise and lower your hands gently, from the wrist. Keep some tension in your wrist as you do this (just enough to feel the muscles flex). Also, rotate your hands - again the idea being to soften up your wrist muscles. The looser you can get them, the easier you'll find tricky chord changes. Doing this before you practice each time will help a great deal. Over time your hands will find craning round those chords much easier.

1st chord progression:

A minor (not played using the usual fingers) - F7 maj7 - C major - C add9 b5

Repeat that, and second time round just play a variation of the last chord - C b5 maj7

Don't worry too much about the chord names, it's being able to play them that counts!

Do that all again, then play the second part of the progression:

E add9 - Notice the fingerpicking pattern alternates here between T1234321 and T123T123. Continue switching these picking patterns and then swap between C add9 and that same E add9 chord again. Repeat lots then play through the first progression again.

3rd chord progression:

A minor Careful with this chord, it uses traditional fingering, but the picking is a little different, plus the major 3rd is added towards the end - B eleventh - B add4 - C add9 b5 (second time use C b5 maj7 again)

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