Back on the Chain Gang

Animated Back on the Chain Gang tab by The Pretenders on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song runs through some simple chord progressions. The opening guitar part runs through variations of D A G G chords (twice), then the full D A G G chords are played, with slightly different strumming and rhythm.

Note that when Chrissie Hynde sings the verses, the chords are D A G B min G. The rest of the chord sequences follow a similar, easy to follow pattern. Listen to the strumming and you'll get it!

The ActionTab shows how to play through this song on ONE guitar. That is why the intro solo is not included - but it is included later in the song (where it is used again in exactly the same way as the intro, so nothing is left out!).

The E and B arpeggio fade outro is a little tricky to get at first - you'll have to move quickly betweeen these chords (particularly your index finger). If you get stuck, just strum the chords, as this is what the background guitars are doing anyway. The arpeggios will take more time to practice and get right.

The harmonics after the solo are actually played in the original track on the keyboard, but guitar harmonics work well (as shown in the ActionTab).

Have Fun!

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