These are some of the comments we receive from people who have made big improvements in their guitar playing through using ActionTab. All of these comments are unsolicited and were sent to us without any prompting on our part.


WOW! I have been self teaching myself from a book/cd I purchased 3 weeks ago. I just found this site about 3 nights ago and what can I say? My playing has gotten better in these last three nights than the entire three weeks prior! You have an amazing site here. I am an addict!

Gary Furman

Absolutely perfect! I am an accomplished rhythm player but always struggled with tabs.....This teaches music, the song, theory and makes it simple and fun.


Actiontab has taught me almost everything I know about guitar. I started off barely knowing how to play an E, and now im succesfully playing some of my favourite songs like back in black and stairway to heaven.

Guitar Buyer Magazine

The attention to detail is also excellent... creating the impression that you are actually learning from a real teacher.

Brandon Phillips

WOW! I'm 13 and have always wanted to play Stairway to Heaven and ActionTab did it for me. THANKS ACTIONTAB!

Brent Kellogg

I love your site, it has been very helpful for me as I picked up the axe again after a 25 year absence so I could teach my 16 year old son.

Steve Davis

Great Site! I have had my guitar for probably 4 years now and I have never been tutored. So I had to teach myself how to play and I know there are a lot of mistakes and bad habits that I need to correct. This site is just perfect for me to learn how to fix them because the layout is very easy to comprehend and the articles are not only easily understood, but they are also very enjoyable to read.

Thanks so much!

Theo Stef

This is one hell of a site. I'm just one of the many rookies in the guitar universe. Your site really makes me (and probably other like me) feel like picking up my guitar and tearing down the whole block. Really professional work! Good work, guys! Keep it up!

Phil Hennessy

I just wanted to say how great a site this is. I'm a late arrival to the guitar world and have been playing for a year. This has been the best tab site that I have found so far, enabling me to visually follow what's I'm supposed to be playing. I have improved at a quicker rate than I would've if I had not found the site.

Thank you

Stephen and Melissa Van Asten

I reckon your site is AWESOME!!!! I've just discovered you and I am in seventh heaven with the contents, which is really going to help me a lot with my eternal struggle to play. After not playing for a long, long time, I've just picked up the guitar again and was blown away to find your site, not only for myself, but for my 16 y.o. daughter who has just recently started to learn.


I really love the website. Recently I picked up a classical accoustic from a friend and started trying to learn chords, scales, picking, hand placement, etc. I have spent the past week in your lessons section trying to get better and they really do help. Aside from the pain in my fingertips i really love learning to play. I've been to a few "tabs" websites and none are as good as this one, what i really like is the fact that you can hear and SEE what you are playing / supposed to be playing.

Tony Gray

Have just found your site. What can I say but its BRILLIANT. I am teaching my son and his mate at the moment, they (and me!) will find this method most helpful. It must be particularly useful for learners who haven't got anyone to help them.


Just wanted to say WOW... best guitar tab site i have ever found. Regretfully, I have been a rookie guitar player for about 3 years now. I work at least 60 hrs a week and haven't had much time for lessons. However I always find an hour or two to play every single day for them 3 years just out of sheer love for guitar music. The easy format on action tabs demonstrates pick by pick how to learn a song. with your help I have learned songs never before imagined, which, by the way made songs I already knew how to play, seem easier and this site single handedly is making me better.

Thank you!

Jason Kottler

I have seen a million guitar sites on the web, and this is one of the very finest! I love your site! Thanks for making this happen! You rank in the top spot along with (in no particular order) chordie.com and guitarnoise.com. Chordie has a great cheatsheet (not tab) library along with lyrics, transpositions, and chord diagrams on each song. Guitarnoise has some fantastic lessons by David Hodge (there are others, but he's the star, as far as I'm concerned). But ActionTab has barrier-breaking help that's getting me on the road to playing the Zeppelin licks that fuel my guitar dreams! I'm on my way to link to you from my family website - something I haven't done yet for either of my other favorites!

Thanks again, you rock!


I just want you guys to know that this site is GREAT. My knowledge on how playing guitar was limited, and I was confused about things like Hammer on's, Pull off's, and such. Your lessons were great, and explained things much thoroughly than any other site I have been on.


Amazing site! I only wish I could have had something like this when I first started learning the guitar 10 years ago.

Alex Osborne

After spending hours scouring web pages of complicated and often incorrect tablature diagrams, this is a breath of fresh air.

Fantastic idea, superb web site, my guitar playing has improved no end!


Well firstly i have to say that you have the best site for beginner guitar players i have seen. It is brilliant!

Ronan McGreevy

Wow, what a brilliant site. Where have you been all my life?

Michael Greene

This is without doubt the best guitar song website ever!!!

Dave Beresford

ActionTab is very impressive easy to follow and brilliant fun.