You Shook Me All Night Long (Pt 1)

Animated You Shook Me All Night Long (Pt 1) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we look at the first half of the song. That means all the main riffs, except the solo and outro (which we show in Part 2):

Intro - The intro riff is based around a D chord shape. Starting up at position 7, then down to open D position. Use this open D note to quickly change finger positions.

Verse - This is a standard chord progression. You need to mute between chord stabs to get that nice stop-start effect. Use both hands to mute the strings (see the muting section on that technique if you need to learn it).

Let's break the verse chords into 2 parts:

1) G major - C major - G major - C major - G major - D5

Changing quickly between the C and G major chords here can be difficult at first. It's how Angus does it, so we're showing it properly here. You can cheat, and use the C major chord we show here instead. This is a much easier chord change, but isn't quite the same as Angus uses.

2) G major - D5 - G major - D5

Then just keep repeating the whole lot again until the bridge:

Bridge - This is short and easy, just alternate between the D major - D sus4 chords.

Chorus - Really this is just a variation on the main verse chords we saw earlier. But this time he picks notes from the chords and adds a little bassline along the A string. It's short and repetitive, but will take a bit of work to get right.

That's all the song parts for part 1. Everything else is just repeats of the same riffs. In the next ActionTab we'll look at the solo and outro.

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