You Give Love a Bad Name

Animated You Give Love a Bad Name tab by Bon Jovi on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This classic Bon Jovi tune has some simple riffs. Although the solo is hard, the rest of the tune isn't too difficult. The whammy bar is sometimes used in the song, but it's not essential. If you don't have a whammy bar just use vibrato instead.

Intro - The song starts with this simple lead lick.

In the recording there is also a second guitar playing the same lick higher up the neck at the same time. The same lick is also played again at the very end of the song, so you can see that here. It's the same notes, except one octave higher.

Verse - This is nice and easy, just using 4 notes and then finishing with a whammy (or vibrato) here. Use downstrokes / palm muting and take it as slow as you need until you get it right. Then work at building the speed up.

Pre-Chorus - Although there are a few frills this is just a basic chord progression:

F5 - Eb5 (use whammy / vibrato) - Bb major - F major - G major

Chorus - A nice and straightforward powerchord sequence. This is one of the easiest song parts, requiring just 2 fingers.

The rest of the song parts are just repeats of the same riffs. Except for:

Solo - This isn't actually as hard as it seems, but it is fast and takes practice. Start with a natural harmonic on the 5th fret and lower the whammy bar. After a couple of notes there is a simple note slide sequence.

You can play octave chords for that part instead, and the band often do that. If you do, start with a C octave chord shape at fret 3 with your 1st finger, and 3rd finger on the G string at fret 5 - then slide up using the same intervals. Remember, with octave chords you need to mute the middle string with your 1st finger.

The hardest part of the solo comes next. It's done using fingertapping and is played very fast. Hammer onto Fret 8 (G note) with your 1st finger. Then tap fret 11 with the 2nd finger of your other hand. Using your 2nd finger means you can keep holding the plectrum and tap at the same time. This is a common tapping technique, but notice that he also taps and slides up the fretboard a few times with the tapping finger. This takes some practice. End the solo with standard bends.

Outro - The song fades out on the last chorus. Halfway through that chorus there is a lead lick repeated. This lead lick is the same as the lick used during the intro, except 1 octave higher.

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