Animated Who'll Stop the Rain (Lead) tab by Creedence Clearwater Revival on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar in this song is nice and pretty simple. Just like the rhythm guitar is good for beginners to start getting some basic guitar skills down, so is the lead here. You may find the hammers and pull offs the hardest to do quickly, but that will come with practice. Remember that with solos a lot of your technique and speed comes with practice and patience. Once you can do it right slowly, it's just a case of building up speed over time.

The lead only plays during certain parts of the song, giving you plenty of time to prepare for each part. We recommend that you learn the lead licks, bit by bit. So, start with the intro and work on that until you can get it up to speed. Only then should you move on to the next lead lick....and do the same.

Even if it seems too difficult, just stick with it and don't give up. If you find you are struggling with anything, go back to something else or a part that you can already play well to help get your confidence back and give it another go.

Don't be too hard on yourself if things seem to take a lot of effort. You need to walk before you run...once your fingers get stronger and faster, little licks like the ones in this song will come easily. Only with practice can you develop your finger strength and control...the first hurdles are always the hardest. Once you can get through them, you'll find you can do other licks much easier!

The song is based around the G major scale and chord, so we say it is in the key of G major. This means that all the lead guitar notes are from the G major scale:

G A B C D E F# G

During the bridge the lead guitar reverts to strumming / muting along with the rhythm guitar. Assuming you can already do the rhythm guitar (shown in the previous ActionTab), you'll have no problems here!

Here are Quick Links so you can jump directly to each lead part:


Fill 1

Fill 2 (repeats)

Fill 1 (yup it's played again)

Bridge (Join in with the acoustic guitar and end that segment with this little lick)

Fill 3

Outro (essentially the same as the intro)

Have Fun!

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