What do you do for Money Honey (Rhythm)

Animated What do you do for Money Honey (Rhythm) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

If you only want to learn the main rhythm riffs for this song then use this ActionTab - it is easier than the lead guitar, and has all the riffs you need. This is Malcom's rhythm guitar for the whole song.

Chorus - The song starts and finishes using the chorus. It's nice and easy. Just keep cycling through these 4 chords:

E5 - G5 - D major - A major

Verse - This is a descending chord sequence. Use muting between chord stabs to get the punchy rhythmic effect. Mute with both hands to bring your strings to a 'dead stop'. Check out the introduction video in the Muting section if you aren't sure about this technique.

He doesn't use typical chord shapes all the time here. Notice that he uses this variation for the 3rd chord. AC / DC like this powerchord variation (it's part of the main riff for Highway to Hell too). We show it with the 1st and 4th fingers, but if you have long fingers you might prefer using your 1st and 3rd fingers instead.

Also, this D major chord is tricky at first. That's because it involves using the thumb to play the note on the Low E string, and at the same time touching the adjacent A string to mute it.

It doesn't overly matter if you don't get the muting right, because the A string still fits with the D major chord. If you hate thumb work you can forget about the lowest 2 strings and just play the high part of the D chord instead - i.e. this D major chord shape.

The verse riff just keeps cycling through the same thing and then changes. First by adding this lick, and then by using open strums (no muting between chords). This is building up towards the next chorus (which is just the same as the Intro).

The rest of the song is all the same verse-chorus stuff repeated. The only exception is the solo. Both guitars play this small Bridge together for a few short stabs. Then as the solo kicks off, Malcom continues playing this nice and simple riff. We've taken the solo out so you can clearly hear just the rhythm guitar playing.

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