Wearing and Tearing (Guitar 1)

Animated Wearing and Tearing (Guitar 1) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 2 guitars used throughout this song. This is Guitar 1 - the main backing guitar. Many of the well-known riffs for the song are here, but there are a few riffs only played on Guitar 2 which you'll need to view separately. Although it's a long song, most of the riffs are quite short and can be learned quickly. Much of the song's length is down to repeating the same riffs over and over.

Either guitar part is quite straightforward to learn and play, the main difficulty is building the speed. It is a fast song. Just do the usual - get it right at a slow speed first and then work at speeding up.

Riff 1 - This guitar just plays the A5 powerchord. Meanwhile Guitar 2 plays a melodic riff over the top.

Riff 2 - Both guitars play this short riff together, although this guitar plays powerchords. The other guitar plays single notes.

Riff 3 - This is a fast lick. If it gives you problems, you can drop the low F# note and just play the higher F# instead. This still sounds ok, and is a lot easier because you don't have to skip strings quickly.

Riff 4 - Just bounce between the D major and A major chords. The chord changes are sometimes fast here, which may take some work to get the hang of, but nothing too drastic.

Riff 5 - This is a short descending lick played once in the song, before the chords from Riff 4 occurs the second time in the song.

Riff 6 - This descending lick leads us into the final section of the song. Guitar 2 plays a different lick alongside this one before joining in on the end riff.

Riff 7 - This is the end riff for the song. It's very easy, just keep cycling through the same 3 powerchords until the end. Then finish the song by playing Riff 1 again for 1 last round.

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