Animated Waking the Demon (Guitar 2) tab by Bullet for My Valentine on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This guitar supports the Main Guitar (which you should look at first). Guitar 2 plays many of the same riffs, but there are some differences (highlighted below).

We're in Drop D Tuning: Low D : A : D : G : B : E

If you are in standard tuning, just play the middle D string (open) and tune down your Low E string (2 frets worth) to match it.

Intro - Before joining in with the main riff, Guitar 2 starts by playing powerchords.

Main Riff - Exactly the same as the Main Guitar apart from one thing. Very occasionally he plays a little harmony for this lick.

Second Riff - Same as the main Guitar except for this slide / note.

Third Riff - Played exactly the same way as the main guitar, except different notes are used, providing a harmony.

Lead Melody Backing - Start with a pickslide (scrape the edge of your pick down the length of 2 strings). Then play a simple powerchord sequence while the main guitar plays the main lead melody. Halfway through the lead melody Guitar 2 comes in with this lead harmony.

Pre-Solo Riff - Same as the main guitar.

Solo Backing - Just play the main riff while the main guitar does the solo.

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