Vibrato 1

Animated Vibrato 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

In this first lesson we show you a standard vibrato. Pay close attention to the fine movements of the finger on the target note in the video. Use other fingers behind the fretting finger, for extra support if you wish. Just like with bending notes, doing this can give extra strength to help you perform the vibrato. However, for faster vibratos it can be better to only use one finger.

Whether you choose to support your leading finger (using other fingers behind the target note) or not, it is important to listen to the ActionTab to hear the vibrato. Vibratos can be radically different, even when used on the same note, so it is important to listen! In this example, we play a slowly paced vibrato. Then a faster rate of vibrato. Listen to the ActionTab and keep the sound of the notes in your head. Loop the ActionTab and play along with it, until you get familiar with the vibrato effect.

Remember, vibrato depends on how far and how fast you waver the string. Adjust either of these two factors to get a different vibrato effect. Keep your 3rd finger firmly on the target note, and practice along with the ActionTab until you get a similar rate of vibrato to the one you hear.

Important -

If you are getting fretbuzz, perhaps you are relaxing your finger too much as you waver the string. Remember to apply a consistent pressure on the target note with your finger. Use other fingers to support if you wish.

If the note is dying out too fast, then this may just be due to the sustain levels of your electric guitar, or your amp settings. Just play the note without vibrato and see how long it lasts before dying out. You should be able to make your vibrato last as long as that same note. If it is a short sustain time (sustain is how long a note lasts), increase the reverb on your amp if you have any, or increase your overdrive and gain levels. Guitars do vary in their sustain capabilities. Using an amplifier, or effects such as delay and reverb will also help.

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