Two Princes

Animated Two Princes tab by Spin Doctors on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

One of those jolly-sounding songs that just sticks in your head...the 4 chord progression is nice and easy, but watch out for the strumming / muting. It will take some practice!

Main Riff:

D major - B minor - A major - G major

Use the Barre Chord progression shown and alternate between applying full pressure on the strings with your fingers and releasing it as you strum the chords to get that funky muting effect.

Other Riff (variation of same chord progression above):

D major - B minor 7th - A major - G major

That B minor 7th can be a tricky boyo. Use your 3rd finger instead of the 2nd if it causes you bother. If you still find it difficult, then don't worry about getting the highest note on the High E string, just as long as you get the A note on fret 10 of the B string.

Just repeat those song segments, and that's all there is to it!

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