Tremolo Picking 1 - Solo B

Animated Tremolo Picking 1 - Solo B tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we tremolo pick again, this time with the emphasis on learning to switch strings whilst picking fast. Again, like last time, do 8 picks per note - using fast alternate picking.

This melody is still in the key of C major (consistent with the backing ActionTab), but is slightly different to last time. We only played along 1 string for that melody. This time you will need to switch strings. To keep things as easy as possible (and yet tuneful), the melody only uses notes at the same locations on adjacent strings.

This means your fingers play on frets 13, 12 and 10 on both the High B and E strings. You should be able to see in the ActionTab that the melody is very straightforward in this way. That is good for practice. Once you have the melody down on one string, you should be easily able to do the same for the next string.

The melody is easy, but remember - the emphasis here is more on switching seamlessly from one string to the other without accidentally striking the wrong string or getting muffled notes as you switch.

This is achieved mainly through practice. If you can do the first Tremolo Picking Solo already, then this will be easy enough to get. The trick is to mentally prepare for the string switch in advance, then quickly move both fretboard finger and pick to the next string at precisely the same time when the time comes to switch strings. Like last time, this exercise is best practiced at a fast speed rather than slowly!

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