Those Who Wait

Animated Those Who Wait tab by Tommy Emmanuel on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

If you don't know about Tommy Emmanuel already then these words should help describe him: Guitar Genius.

Tommy is one of the best fingerstyle guitarists in the world. No question about it. If you haven't already checked him out then go see his website and learn more! His live performances are astonishing and there's a lot more to the man besides being a living guitar legend.

This tune 'Those who wait' is from his 'Only' album. A fantastic album - and a great start to learn how to play like a master because it is the only Tommy Emmanuel album that has a published complete Tab book available.

This tune is simply beautiful. Definitely not for beginners - but still worth a listen even if you can't attempt it yet. It's a beaut. Fingers were not designed to do these kind of things, but who cares! Practice and it will come.

The tuning in this ActionTab is true to the album. Tune all strings down 1 fret, except for the low E string which tunes down to Db. Have fun!

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