Animated The Wizard tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Another rifftastic blast from Sabbath here. Essentially there are a handful of riffs to learn. The rest is fills and a solo:

Riff 1 - This riff is used at the intro and at different points throughout the song. Its short and repetitive.

After the A5-C5-A5 chords, do this little lick.

Riff 2 - This short powerchord progression is for the verses. Repeat lots. Sometimes Iommi uses some little licks to fill the gaps. Like all the lead fills, leave the harder stuff until you've got the main song parts down first.

Riff 3 - Bridge riff.

There are 2 main lead guitar parts too. One during the intro, and the other is the main solo. These are fast in places:

Intro Lead

Main Solo

Both mostly use the A Pentatonic minor scale: A C D E G A (as do the rest of the lead fills. The song is in the Key of A minor.)

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